Gabriel Hilal
Software Engineer specialised in web development

What I do

Full-stack web development (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and related technologies).

Ideas into Products

MVP for startups
New features for existing apps
Custom online databases
Maintenance/upgrade of existing apps
CRM systems
External API integrations

My Everyday Tools

Ruby on Rails
JavaScript (JQuery)
BDD (RSpec + "friends")
HTML (ERB/Haml/Slim)
CSS (Sass)
Frontend Framework (Bootstrap)
RDBMS (PostgreSQL)

Release and Operation

Amazon S3 storage
Branded email addresses
SSL certificates

Who I am

A summary of the main moments in my journey...

  • 1982


    Porto Alegre-Brazil

    After my primary and secondary education, I studied to become a Technician in Electrotechnics. I was determined to work in the electrical engineering field.

  • 2004

    BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Unfinished Degree (80% completed, 74% average grade)

    PUCRS, Porto Alegre-Brazil

    Although I was enjoying the BEng, I was much more excited about the programming modules. I was no longer sure of my chosen field of study.

  • 2005

    "To infinity and beyond"


    I decided to take a sabbatical and moved to London, in order to improve my English and travel around Europe. I had the opportunity to visity different places, get to know new people and cultures.

  • 2009

    BSc Information Systems (Internet Business)

    First Class Honours Degree

    Kingston University, London-UK

    I wanted to study something related to programming, so I decided to find a course in London that I would enjoy.

  • 2012

    MSc Information Systems with Management Studies

    Masters Degree with Distinction

    Kingston University, London-UK

    I finished my undergraduate studies with a First Class Honours Degree and an offer to join the Masters program. The MSc was a great platform to combine the technology and management skills.

  • 2014

    Back to Brazil

    Porto Alegre-Brazil

    After a few years living abroad, it was time to return to Brazil. I wanted to be closer to my family.

  • 2014

    Web Developer

    Real Compare, Porto Alegre-Brazil

    Although I had worked on a few academic projects before, it was my first job as a web developer. I started out as junior and had the opportunity to learn a lot from the incredible team at Real Compare, being promoted to a senior position in a few months.

  • 2015

    Senior Software Developer

    Happy Bear Software, Remote

    It was a great experience working with an amazing team at this globally distributed consultancy company. It was my first full remote position and I'm very proud to have helped businesses worldwide.

  • 2018

    Lead Developer

    Healios, Remote

    It was time for the next move in my career. It's been an enjoyable challenge to be part of a healthcare company, where we're improving lives, increasing access, and transforming care through technology.


Selected articles about technology.

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