Gabriel Hilal
Software Engineer specialised in web development

What I do

Full-stack web development (Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and related technologies).

Ideas into Products

MVP for startups
New features for existing apps
Custom online databases
Maintenance/upgrade of existing apps
CRM systems
External API integrations

My Everyday Tools

Ruby on Rails
JavaScript (JQuery)
BDD (RSpec + "friends")
HTML (ERB/Haml/Slim)
CSS (Sass)
Frontend Framework (Bootstrap)
RDBMS (PostgreSQL)

Release and Operation

Amazon S3 storage
Branded email addresses
SSL certificates

Who I am

A summary of the main moments in my journey...

  • 1982


    Porto Alegre-Brazil

    After my primary and secondary education, I studied to become a Technician in Electrotechnics. I was determined to work in the electrical engineering field.

  • 2004

    BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

    Unfinished Degree (80% completed, 74% average grade)

    PUCRS, Porto Alegre-Brazil

    Although I was enjoying the BEng, I was much more excited about the programming modules. I was no longer sure of my chosen field of study.

  • 2005

    "To infinity and beyond"


    I decided to take a sabbatical and moved to London, in order to improve my English and travel around Europe. I had the opportunity to visity different places, get to know new people and cultures.

  • 2009

    BSc Information Systems (Internet Business)

    First Class Honours Degree

    Kingston University, London-UK

    I wanted to study something related to programming, so I decided to find a course in London that I would enjoy.

  • 2012

    MSc Information Systems with Management Studies

    Masters Degree with Distinction

    Kingston University, London-UK

    I finished my undergraduate studies with a First Class Honours Degree and an offer to join the Masters program. The MSc was a great platform to combine the technology and management skills.

  • 2014

    Back to Brazil

    Porto Alegre-Brazil

    After a few years living abroad, it was time to return to Brazil. I wanted to be closer to my family.

  • 2014

    Web Developer

    Real Compare, Porto Alegre-Brazil

    Although I had worked on a few academic projects before, it was my first job as a web developer. I started out as junior and had the opportunity to learn a lot from the incredible team at Real Compare, being promoted to a senior position in a few months.

  • 2015

    Senior Software Developer

    Happy Bear Software, Remote

    It was time for the next move in my career. It's been a great experience working with an amazing team in this globally distributed consultancy company. I'm very proud to help businesses worldwide build and maintain custom software on the web.


Selected articles about technology.

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